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Venue Insurance

From Bianca Jagger riding a horse across the dance-floor at Studio 54 to a production of King Lear at the National involving giant water-tanks, if you run a theatre, concert hall, club, or bar you will know, that when it comes to getting bums on seats – everything and anything is possible.

Just the day to day management of a venue and the inherent risks that are involved mean that having a sophisticated insurance policy is a must. From gig cancellation and no-shows to making sure your insurer is aware that you regularly host foam-parties, the eccentricities of venue owner-ship are the stuff of legend.

Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance covers damage to the structure of your property including any permanent fixtures and fittings. So if you suffer a flood or a fire or a pipe bursts causing water damage, you’ll be covered for the cost to repair the damage.

Business Interruption Insurance

Business Interruption protects you if you lose out on income following a material damage claim.

Service and attention to detail was excellent. Everything was explained plainly and clearly.

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