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Know you're covered

Who We Cover

We provide specialist cover for all areas of the creative industry. Select a category to learn more.

▸ Cyber Insurance in London and across the UK
▸ Film Production Insurance for London and the Rest of the UK
▸ Digital Agency Insurance London and Across the UK
▸ Music & Events Insurance
▸ Venue Insurance
▸ Design & Architecture Insurance London
▸ Custom Insurance
▸ Photography Insurance

A-Z of cover

▸ Advertising Agency Insurance
▸ Buildings Insurance
▸ Business Interruption Insurance
▸ Contents Insurance
▸ Cyber and Data Insurance
▸ Equipment Insurance
▸ Directors and Officers Liability insurance
▸ Employers Liability Insurance
▸ Film Producers Indemnity Insurance
▸ Kidnap and Ransom Insurance
▸ Negatives, Videotape, and Digital Insurance
▸ Non-Appearance Insurance
▸ Professional Indemnity Insurance
▸ Public Liability Insurance
▸ Travel Insurance
▸ Venue Insurance

Our Process

1. Discussion
We need as much information from you about the size and scope of your business, your typical work-flow, and the range of possible risks you foresee. We will also recommend cover you might need that perhaps you hadn't considered.
2. Proposal
We will take your information to the market, and return with a bespoke proposal, unique to you, your business, and your level of risk.
3. Agreement
Once you have accepted our quotation we can begin your cover right-away.
4. Maintain
As you grow, so does the nature of your work, the size of your work-force, and your exposure to risk will change. You may need to alter your level of cover in the short or long term.
5. Making a claim
In the event of making a claim, we will be on hand to guide you every step of the way. Furthermore, our personal relationship with insurers means that the process remains human throughout.
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