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A-Z of cover

A-Z of cover

  • Advertising Agency Insurance

  • Buildings Insurance

  • Business Interruption Insurance

  • Contents Insurance

  • Cyber and Data Insurance

  • Equipment Insurance

  • Directors and Officers Liability insurance

  • Employers Liability Insurance

  • Film Producers Indemnity Insurance

  • Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

  • Negatives, Videotape, and Digital Insurance

  • Non-Appearance Insurance

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

  • Public Liability Insurance

  • Travel Insurance

  • Venue Insurance

Advertising Agency Insurance

Anything that can make a big dent in your budget can cause you untold agony (professionally speaking!) and make the difference between a bumper year and one to forget. Protect your bottom line against those unknown, unknowns.

Buildings Insurance

Buildings insurance covers the structure of a building, the bricks and mortar.

Business Interruption Insurance

Perhaps you have a fire causing damage to your office which results in lost profits over time, or your camera kit is stolen and you are sitting there like a lemon while it is fixed,  costing you a few days work, a gig, or that hard-fought relationship with a favourite client

Contents Insurance

Wholesale lock, stock and barrel studio robberies are not uncommon. Criminals will always target businesses where the ratio of risk versus reward is in their favour.

Cyber and Data Insurance

You don’t have to be Hillary Clinton to fall foul of a cyber attack. If you hold sensitive information of any kind or your business relies on the internet (who’s doesn’t!) to function then this is well worth considering.

Equipment Insurance

If you own or rent camera kit, and your job depends on it, you will need this cover in case of damage, loss, or theft.

Directors and Officers Liability insurance

Even if you are a limited company, if you own your own business, you can still personally face legal action, fines, or even a prison sentence in the event that you are found guilty of wrongdoing.

Employers Liability Insurance

Employers Liability insurance is a legal requirement if you employ even a single person. The worst case scenario is not something we like to think about too often but injuries in the course of work occur all the time and protection is a must.

Film Producers Indemnity Insurance

Cover for additional costs incurred by interruption, cancellation, abandonment or re-scheduling of a production

Kidnap and Ransom Insurance

This might sound extreme, but if you’re shooting anywhere remotely lawless, it is a very real risk. You are a valuable commodity, potentially!

Negatives, Videotape, and Digital Insurance

What if runner gets robbed on his way to the post house? Or muggins formats a memory card too soon? We’ve all heard the horror stories and kind of accept that at some point in our careers something extraordinarily unlucky will occur, and it would be nice to guard against this if we can.

Non-Appearance Insurance

The A-lister not coming out of her dressing room is the least of your worries. If a key cast or crew member is taken ill, or worse, it could break your project.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

We all try to do our best, but sometimes things just go wrong. Perhaps you were negligent in some way? You breached a confidentiality agreement? The project over-ran, or was sub-standard? If the stakes are high, and and another party suffers financial loss, then it’s vital to have the right professional indemnity insurance in place.

Public Liability Insurance

Accidents happen, particularly on fast-paced, ever-changing sets and locations, and where people and their property are at risk, a split second lapse in concentration could end up costing you dearly, and so its always sensible to have public liability in place.

Travel Insurance

Venturing into the great unknown? Includes medical expenses, repatriation, baggage loss, passport loss, laptop loss, money loss, personal liability, personal accident, cancellation or curtailment.

Venue Insurance

If you suffer a fire, a flood or the like, you’ll be relying on your insurance to fund the rebuild costs. In addition you’ll want to cover loss of revenue if performances can’t go ahead.

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