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Photography Insurance

Ansel Adams said ‘You don’t take a photograph, you make it’ and don’t you just know it!

From fashion photographers cheering-up models on cold studio floors to editorial shoots in the dying light of a long day on location, the vagaries of professional photography are the stuff of legend. Furthermore, in a world where stories are told using images rather than words, the need for clear and flexible photography insurance increases all the while.

William Eggleston was ‘at war with the obvious’, but sometimes the obvious is just what you need.

Too many photographers are simply unaware of the risks they are exposed to when obvious solutions are at hand from public liability insurance, photographic equipment insurance or professional indemnity insurance we have insurance solutions to fit your needs.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

‘PI’ Has you covered in the event of negligence; should you miss key shots, over or under expose (assuming photoshop can’t rescue you), or quite simply miss the mark from a creative stand-point. If the client is unhappy and hell-bent on recovering their expenses and more, Professional Indemnity insurance will protect you.

Photographer insurance, what is right for you?

Photographer Public Liability Insurance

Most of your clients will expect you to have Public Liability cover which is necessary in case of accidental damage to other people’s property or, heaven forbid, accidental bodily injury.

Photography Equipment Insurance

From your reflector to your Leica lens, we can cover it all, at home, in the studio, or out on location.

Service and attention to detail was excellent. Everything was explained plainly and clearly.

  • If you or your business is ever responsible for damaging property or causing an injury, public liability insurance will protect you for legal costs and compensation payments. Dependant on your shoot, it’s not a legal requirement to have this type of insurance, however it is highly recommended and often expected. Should a third party make a claim you are responsible for, you will have to cover the legal expenses for yourself and the other side, alongside any other fees. Also, to receive permission to carry out commercial photography, you will need to provide proof that you have public liability insurance.

  • Over the course of your career, chances are you will suffer damage to your equipment at some point. Photography equipment can be extremely expensive to replace, which is why insuring it is so important to professionals. If it gets damaged or stolen, the cost of repair or replacement can be the difference between profit or bust.

  • To some extent, insurance requirements are set by your professional body, if you’re a member of one. For example, the Master Photographers Association and the British Institute of Professional Photography both ask their members to have up to date professional indemnity, as well as public liability.

  • You can begin the conversation by calling 0207 382 7710, or use our contact form and we’ll call you back. If you’d prefer to email us, our address is:


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