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Digital Agency Insurance London and Across the UK

As the original mad man David Ogilvy said ‘Where people aren’t having fun, they seldom produce good work’; a maxim which still holds true today.

The work environment in any Digital Advertising Agency is finely balanced and the last thing you need in this space is unnecessary stress (the sound of Gary in accounts playing ping pong should suffice)

At Eggar Forrester Creative we pride ourselves on being able to provide the most up to date package of insurance for companies in London and the rest of the UK working in the digital media space, with the myriad complexities that it brings.

Design & Architecture Insurance Page Analysis

With billions of marketing messages being pushed out each day, it’s no surprise that mistakes are occasionally made. As the great Jazz saxophonist Coleman Hawkins once said ‘If you don’t make mistakes you are not trying hard enough’. Well, let us get you covered in case that should happen and places your entire company at risk.

Cyber liability and Data Risk Insurance For Digital Agencies

With the ever increasing risk of a cyber attack, and let’s face it, that sounds like a complete nightmare, Cyber Liability Insurance is essential. Just imagine your latest campaign getting leaked, or wiped. Not good.

Contents Insurance For Digital Agencies

Evidentially it’s rather difficult to run an agency without computers, let alone chairs and desks! If you have any hardware at all this is the first type of cover you should be looking at. What are you waiting for?

Service and attention to detail was excellent. Everything was explained plainly and clearly.

  • Despite how professional and experienced you may be, there is always a risk that yourself or a team member makes a mistake. If a client proposes that your service was not adequate, perhaps your design was wrong or advice misleading, professional indemnity insurance will cover the costs involved with defending the claim. This is alongside any compensation paid to your client if it is found that you are liable.

  • Media liability insurance provides cover for companies working within the media industry that are creating content, reassuring them to follow the creative journey, producing innovative work, without fear of financial penalty.

  • Insurance designed for cyber and data risks will protect your business from the dangers of the online world. Perhaps it’s a data breach, you’re hacked or information becomes corrupted. Depending on how your agency operates, we can provide a cover that meets your needs and offers security for your business.

  • You can begin the conversation by calling 0207 382 7710, or use our contact form and we’ll call you back. If you’d prefer to email us, our address is:


Professional Indemnity Insurance for Digital Agencies

Professional Indemnity or ‘PI’ will cover you in the case of negligence; where infringements have been made, confidentiality has been breached, or regulations have been flouted.

Media Liability Insurance For Digital Agencies

The media industry is fast paced and changing. Media agencies are constantly working to be on the latest trend, information and style. Getting this right has a degree of risk because the best work goes in directions that people haven’t gone before.

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