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Cyber Insurance in London and across the UK

Eggar Forrester Creative provides cyber insurance for creative and technology businesses in London and across the UK

Innovation in the modern world is strongly dependent on technology, data and the cyber landscape. As a dedicated creative, one of the last things you need is for your latest painstaking project to be lost, corrupted or stolen right from under your nose.

Allow us to help.

Eggar Forrester Creative are proud to be able to offer Cyber Insurance packages for creatives working in London and across the UK within a digital environment. With our cover, we can help to protect your work, your business and your clients’ information from harm. This way, you can focus on bringing your big ideas to life without any fear. After all, as Edwin Land stated, “An essential aspect of creativity is not being afraid to fail”.

Service and attention to detail was excellent. Everything was explained plainly and clearly.

Cyber Insurance, why is it essential?

Technology is vital in the modern world and it took the cyber attacks of 2019 to make us truly understand the importance of cyber security. Ultimately, if your business uses the internet, and holds important customer and company data, then cyber insurance is crucial. The cost of a data breach can be more than just money. We’re here to help ensure your business and all of your hard work isn’t lost if the worst should happen

What does your business need?

The creative industry thrives on unique ideas, so it only follows that no two businesses are the same. This is why we offer bespoke cyber insurance packages for creative businesses of all shapes and sizes. From independent film companies, to freelance photographers, to digital marketing agencies, Eggar Forrester Creative will design the right insurance package for you.

Cyber Insurance, why is it essential?

What is Cyber Liability and Data Insurance

Also known as cyber insurance or data protection insurance, this type of insurance is made to protect you and your business from digital threats such as hacks or data breaches. With most cyber insurance policies, first and third party costs should be covered if any electronic system is lost, damaged, stolen or compromised.

A cyber insurance policy will also give you access to specialist incident response teams should the unexpected happen to your business, the services provided range from specialist cyber forensic teams to legal representation and public relations teams.

Cyber Insurance for Creatives

Spending hours on a new project, only for the whole thing to be wiped or corrupted in a matter of seconds is a nightmare for anyone. If a breach should happen, we’re here to support you and your business and keep you safe should any cyber attack happen.

Whether you are freelance or an established creative agency, we’ll design a cover that meets your needs and offers the best security for your business and your creative work.

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