Non-standard Property Insurance

Non-standard properties aren’t always straightforward to insure, but our team of experienced brokers pride themselves on finding a solution. If your property is unoccupied, undergoing building works or has had problems with subsidence or flooding in the past, our brokers will use their knowledge of the market to try and find a way to get you covered.

Speak to our insurance experts about the non-standard property cover we provide:

  • Cover for unoccupied properties
  • Cover for buildings of non-standard construction, e.g. thatched cottages
  • Cover for buildings under construction
  • Cover for properties that have suffered or are at risk of subsidence or flood issues

A property can be defined as non-standard for a range of reasons, from unusual construction to the location in a flood risk area, so it is important to understand what sets your house apart from the rest when you are looking to insure it.

Our brokers specialise in Non-standard Property Insurance to serve those who require a little help finding suitable cover.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Non-standard Property Insurance?

Non-standard Property Insurance provides owners of properties that are deemed a higher risk than others with cover for damage to the property itself, as well as third party liability cover.

Do I need Non-standard Property Insurance?

If you own a property that cannot be covered by a regular property insurance policy because, for instance, it is of non-standard construction, you will need non-standard Property Insurance to protect it.

What does Non-standard Property Insurance cover?

Non-standard Property Insurance provides similar cover to that afforded by a standard property insurance policy but is normally harder to find and more expensive due to the fact that they pose a greater risk to insurers. Please contact us to discover more with a specialist broker.

Can I cover a building that is unoccupied?

Yes. Non-standard Property Insurance is designed to provide cover for owners of buildings that are empty for one of a range of reasons; if your property is in between tenancies, is incomplete or is undergoing a lengthy renovation, our brokers can help you.


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