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Landlord Insurance in London and across the UK

Whether you have a single let property or an extensive portfolio, it’s important that you protect your property, its contents and your third party liability exposure. Our team of brokers in our London office will endeavour to understand your individual needs and tailor the cover accordingly. We work with Landlords in London and across the UK.

Speak to our insurance experts about the landlord cover we provide:
  • Buildings
  • Landlord Contents
  • Property Owners Liability
  • Legal Expenses
  • Loss of Rent
It is impossible to build a lucrative property portfolio without taking the necessary precautions to cover yourself in case anything goes wrong.

Our experienced insurance brokers in our City of London office will ensure that you get the protection you need against things like break-ins, floods and loss of rent, so you can concentrate on making your portfolio profitable.
What is Landlord Insurance?

Landlord Insurance covers property owners in the event their property gets damaged or a tenant or visitor to the property suffers an injury.
Do I need Landlord Insurance?

If you own a single flat or a property portfolio of any size, you should ensure that Landlord insurance is in place.
What does Landlord Insurance cover?

Landlord insurance can cover the buildings, the contents of the building and also your third party liability as a property owner.
Does Landlord Insurance cover the contents of the properties?
All Landlord policies will have the option of including contents. Please note that this is the contents belonging to you as the Landlord rather than the contents belonging to your tenants. Tenants need to arrange their own cover for their possessions.
You can find out more by contacting us to speak directly to a specialist.

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