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As ransomware attacks surge, here’s why tech companies should protect themselves now

A hacker working at their laptop

In the past few years, the number of ransomware attacks has risen sharply. Find out why tech companies should protect themselves from this threat now

3 useful ways you can protect your agency as the UK approaches recession

A woman with an umbrella walking in the rain

The cost of living crisis could push the UK into a recession in the near future. Find out 3 ways you can protect your agency from its effects

As the cost of financial protection rises, here’s how working with a broker can benefit you

An adviser showing a client something on a tablet

In the past few months, the cost of financial protection has surged. Read this article to find out why working with a broker is more important than ever

How remote working could affect your agency’s protection needs

A young woman working from home

While remote working can have many benefits, it could affect your agency’s protection needs. Read on to find out why and how a broker can help you

4 useful types of protection that professional photographers should consider

A photographer lining up a perfect shot

In December 2021, Nikon released their latest piece of must-have kit – the flagship Z9 camera. While a little late to the pro mirrorless party, it definitely made a scene… Read more »

Why having an ongoing relationship with your broker can really benefit you

Two people discussing business reports

When was the last time you spoke to your broker? Like most people, it’s probably been a while – perhaps when you last needed to renew your business’s cover? It… Read more »

5 useful ways to spring clean your agency for the new financial year

A happy couple spring cleaning

With the weather getting warmer and daffodils starting to emerge, spring has finally arrived. Traditionally, this has been a popular time of the year to do a bit of tidying… Read more »

3 important lessons that tech companies can learn from Netflix’s recent troubles

A couple watching TV in their living room

For many years, Netflix has been a household name in the entertainment industry, offering a wide variety of films and TV shows for audiences across the world. However, despite their… Read more »

Why graduates could boost the UK’s post-pandemic film industry

Two young people operating a camera

In recent months, the coronavirus pandemic has posed a significant problem for the UK’s film industry. Not only has it had to endure difficulties with filming due to social distancing… Read more »

Why keeping your agency motivated is like having a healthy cash flow

As any good agency owner knows, your employees are the most valuable asset you have. If you want your business to thrive, surrounding yourself with a team of reliable staff… Read more »

How Covid-19 has shown the value of working with a broker

A social distancing floor sign

When it comes to protecting your business, working with a broker can really help. Here are four valuable ways that Covid-19 has shown this

3 useful tips for managing your agency in the year of the tiger

A Bengal tiger relaxing on a log

2022 is the year of the tiger in the Chinese zodiac. Here are three useful tips it can teach you when it comes to managing your agency

3 ways that tech companies can overcome the digital skills shortage

People in an office using computers

Recently, many tech companies have been struggling to hire new staff. If you’re affected by the digital skills shortage, here are 3 things you can do

The 5 biggest challenges facing startups and how you can overcome them

A room of people having a discussion

When building a business, there can be a lot to think about. Here are the 5 biggest challenges facing startups and how you can overcome them

What 2022 may hold for the creative sector

Fireworks going off on New Year’s Eve

In recent months, the coronavirus pandemic has had a significant effect on the UK economy, with many businesses struggling to get by. Despite chancellor Rishi Sunak’s pledge of £1.59 billion… Read more »

How the “Great Resignation” could affect agencies and 3 practical ways to retain your talent pool

A supervisor showing something to an employee

Have you ever worked in a job that you didn’t enjoy, or for a grumbling boss who’s never happy, and wished you could just up and leave? While many people… Read more »

5 useful tips for integrating new agency workers when growing your company

The final piece of a jigsaw puzzle

In recent months, the pandemic has had a significant impact on many businesses in the creative sector due to social distancing laws, a fall in consumer spending, and the national… Read more »

How intellectual property insurance can give peace of mind to small business owners

Rain falling on an umbrella

If you’ve poured your heart and soul into a piece of work, you probably have a strong sense of pride in it. That’s why it can be especially devastating when… Read more »

How the creative sector could lead the post-pandemic economic recovery

A person drawing a lightbulb on a canvas

As you probably know, the creative sector has suffered greatly during the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent lockdowns imposed by the government. The Creative UK Group have recently released a report,… Read more »

4 key steps that tech companies need to take when raising finance

A man using a calculator on a desk filled with papers

As you may know, raising finance can be a necessary part of growing any small business. However, this can be a tricky process and it can sometimes be difficult to… Read more »

5 important considerations that tech founders should think about

Programmer pointing at something on screen to a colleague

When starting your own company, there can be a lot of things to think about and this is especially true for tech companies. The boom of such businesses in recent… Read more »

How the government is supporting the live events industry

People at a festival

In recent months, the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent national lockdowns have had a significant impact on the UK economy. Despite the government’s measures to support workers and businesses, many companies… Read more »

3 useful ways to look after your employees’ mental health

Person placing a comforting hand on an employee’s shoulder

The pandemic has been a very emotionally difficult time for many people. According to figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), more than one-fifth of Brits experienced some form… Read more »

What is the new normal for the film industry?

Video camera operator using his equipment

In recent months, the coronavirus pandemic has significantly affected our lives in a variety of ways. One of the biggest changes has been to the way in which we work,… Read more »

5 useful tips for agencies to meet the challenge of full-time working from home

In recent months, the pandemic and national lockdowns have caused a radical change to the way we live. One of the biggest changes has been the switch to working from… Read more »

5 key forms of cover that all agency owners should consider

When you’re organising the day-to-day operations of an agency, there can be a lot of things to think about. Ensuring that everything runs like a well-oiled machine can be very… Read more »

What the future may hold for digital agencies as we come out of lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly impacted many businesses in recent months. One of the most obvious ways it has changed our working lives has been the shift towards remote working…. Read more »

4 important forms of protection that every film-maker should consider

Whether you’re a self-employed videographer or managing a large team, you may know that accidents can happen to even the most well-prepared film-maker. If you aren’t careful, these incidents can… Read more »



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