How to Insure Against Cyber Threats

Cyber threats present a serious danger to businesses all over the world. As organisations become ever more interconnected, and the use of digital tools and data rises, so too does… Read more »

A Guide to Protecting Your Hired Equipment

In many industries, hired equipment is vital. Whether you’re planning a film production or putting on a large-scale event, you’ll likely be considering hiring in equipment to get the job… Read more »

The Insurance Guide for Digital Marketing and Creative Agencies

Cutting edge creative ideas often come with an element of risk. When brands start to think outside of the box, they enter into a world of strategies and ideas that… Read more »

Film Insurance Guide: Understanding General Liability

General liability insurance is an important form of coverage for those working in the film industry. The policies are designed to protect producers and other creative professionals from being left… Read more »

Short-Term Film Production Insurance: How It Works

Production insurance is a crucial part of any great filming project. Providing complete peace of mind for the producer, this tailored insurance has been designed to cater to the diverse… Read more »

Equipment Hire Insurance: The Producers’ Guide

Whether you’re a freelancer producing a short film, or you are part of a huge team working on the next summer blockbuster, the chances are you’ll be using some hired… Read more »

How Facial Recognition Technology Can be Used in Underwriting

phone camera

Facial recognition is an emerging technology that holds much promise and a wide range of current and potential applications. It is also a burgeoning market that has been predicted by… Read more »

How Big Data and Predictive Analytics is Transforming the Insurance Industry

New technologies impact different sectors in ways that are specific to the industry, but the benefits of big data and predictive analytics are also finding new applications in various fields…. Read more »

All You Need to Know About Cyber Security Insurance

cyber security laptop

Insurance has existed for almost as long as businesses have. Since its inception, the basic aim of insurance has remained the same – to protect against risk. However, the form… Read more »

Front-line Cyber Defence for Your Business

Cyber and data risks insurance is designed to support and protect your business if it experiences a data breach or malicious cyber hack. It can also help to limit the… Read more »


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