Market update: the end of the “dual pricing” model

A market graph showing growth

In recent months, you may have read about the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) decision to end the “dual pricing” model in the insurance industry. As you may know, this is… Read more »

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Meet the Team: James Liddell

A photo of Senior Account Executive, James Liddell

In our latest update, meet James Liddell, one of our senior account executives. He’s been with us since early 2019, and brought several years of experience with him. James works… Read more »

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The importance of having the right protection when renovating your home

Man taking measurements and laying tiles

There can be many good reasons to renovate your property, from the practical to the stylistic. For example, you may want to increase your home’s energy efficiency or simply redesign… Read more »

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Market update: the collapse of the AON-Willis Towers merger

In recent months you may have read about the collapse of the $30 billion merger between insurance giants AON and Willis Towers. The move, which would have created the largest… Read more »

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Meet the team: Martine Darkin

In our latest “Meet the Team” update, we’ll be taking a look at our Associate Director, Martine Darkin. She’s been with us here at Eggar Forrester for many years and… Read more »

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Eggar Forrester Insurance’s charity fundraiser

In recent weeks here at Eggar Forrester Insurance, we ran like we’ve never run before. In fact, we ran eight kilometres per day for each of the first eight days… Read more »

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How a broker can help you in a “hardening” insurance market

If you’ve been paying attention to headlines in recent months, you’ve probably seen that the property insurance market is undergoing a process of “hardening”. What this means in layman’s terms… Read more »

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A Magical Costwolds Christmas

Reasons to spend the Festive Season in the Cotswolds There are few places as magical and traditionally festive as the Cotswolds during the Christmas period.  Whether you are lucky enough… Read more »

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Specialised Insurance for the Cotswolds

Understanding the needs of the Cotswolds area The Cotswolds are incredibly special in many ways.  Quintessentially English, the beautiful market towns and villages nestle in the rolling hills of the… Read more »

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Top tips to keep your property insured this Winter

Two houses in the snow

There’s little more the British love to chat about than the weather! Whether it’s raining cats and dogs or an absolute scorcher, the weather has a direct impact on our… Read more »

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Property Developers Insurance and JCT Contracts

Property Development is a serious business, involving big investment and multiple risks. When managing a development, it’s vital that you are fully covered by a watertight insurance programme. The pitfalls… Read more »

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Insurance Guide for Block Managers

As a Block Manager, or as part of a residential block management company, your working day will be busy, nuanced and will require you to spin multiple plates.  As with… Read more »

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Keep your Jewellery and Watch Collection safe with our essential guide

A woman holding a diamond necklace

We understand that jewellery and watches often carry much more than monetary value. They are stories passed down from generation to generation, they are symbols of love, they are the… Read more »

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Why Bespoke Insurance is best for Fine Art Pieces and Art Collections

When life imitates art As the world watched the beautiful cathedral of Notre Dame in flames, we were reminded of how unpredictable life can be.  It was incredibly lucky so… Read more »

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Keep your Property Protected this Spring

Whether it’s your primary residence, investment property or holiday home, don’t fall foul of invalidating your property insurance. Taking a few precautions to get your home ready for spring will ensure minor problems don’t become disasters further down the road

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